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My Name is Bill Beausay

  • I help professionals generate personal power and renew themselves to attack their personal lives and careers with zest and fresh energy. I do this through professional speaking, coaching, online virtual training and videos. 

  • I am the creator of an original and proprietary Personal Action Training System called MindRev™ Training. This is brain-based system of skills I've been teaching privately for years. The purpose of my work at MindRev™ Labs is simple: to teach my clients to build their personal resources, instantly when possible, to achieve their deepest goals. No more waiting, preparing, planning, strategizing or other head trash. It seems to me that all life boils down to action/no action. That's all. I'm constantly asking one simple question to create action: "What's one quality, that if you had it would completely change your life?" Let me help you create that quality and move. There's a process to breaking down your inner barriers and I can show you what it is. Do more, make more and be more Now!
  • I've been writing books and speaking professionally since 1992. 
  • I have written 15 books with major publishers on topics of leadership, people skills, communicating with teens, millennials and other impossible people, motivation, achieving professional success and Killing Headtrash. 
  • I have over 1 million copies in circulation worldwide. 
  • I did my doctoral work at the University of Toledo.
  • I've served as the  Director of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychology. 
  • I was a full time professional psychotherapist for 10 years. 
  • I have spoken for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and continue to on a regular basis.
  • I have trained, consulted and spoken to producers (sales), managers and C-suite executives internationally. 
  • I have appeared on television, radio, written for magazines and been featured in major media coast-to-coast.  
  • I am an avid adventurer, skier, pilot and scuba diver.
  • I am the proud grandfather of 8 awesome grandkids.  
  • I live in Colorado with my wife Denise. 
  • I travel from Denver.

My books include:

    Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men

    Girls! Helping Your Little Girl Become and Extraordinary Woman

    Teenage Boys! Shaping the Man Inside

    Solving Teenagers: A Busy Parents Guide to 5 Mind Games         Teenagers Play 

    The Leadership Genius of Jesus

    The People Skills of Jesus

    Personal Power and Creating Miracles When You're Done In, Fed         Up and Stressed Out

    Dream & Go: A Guide to Inner Peace and Getting It All

    Beating Teacher Burnout

    What's Possible!

    True Greatness (with Dr Kevin Elko)

    The Sender (with Dr. Kevin Elko)

    The Sender's Journal 

    Chasing Tales (Praxis Worldwide Media)

    Less is More (Praxis Worldwide Media)

    You Can Call Me Billy (Praxis Worldwide Media)

    MindRev™: The New Science of Radical Personal Action  (Coming in     2019)



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Speaking & Training Topics

       *Personal Power & Creating Miracles When You're Done In, Fed Up and Stressed Out

This talk is the ultimate "shot in the arm" for beleaguered teams and leaders. Filled with stories and inspiration from those who came back against steep odds and won....BIG.

       *Breaking Your Unseen Limits: Reaching What's Possible for Your Business and Your Life in 2018

Most people never come close to what they are actually capable of doing. Many people walk around with an "I Can't" mentality. They don't even realize it. This talk is a simple and revolutionary approach to breaking through invisible head trash and getting closer to what you know deep down you can achieve. This is a great talk for individuals and culture building.

        *Killing Head Trash: 

Your brain can do 3 things nobody ever told you it could do. Harness these 3 processes and open yourself to new worlds of focus, power, confidence, purpose and production.  Perfect for producers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, leaders and team builders. Sharpen long-range vision, kill head trash, instantly generate personal power, personal motivation, and overcome common obstacles. This one-of-a-kind presentation teaches listeners the best of todays "brain-based training" in an easy-to-learn and fun format. Let me show you and your people how to release your best talent now.  

          *Building and Leading a Championship Culture with the Greatness Pyramid  

This talk is based upon the book True Greatness (an American Management Association bestseller) by Dr. Kevin Elko and myself.  This talk is for leaders and culture builders, and offers a step-by-step approach to building a team identity, a common language and a focused purpose, using our Greatness Pyramid as the roadmap. 

            *MindRev™ LIVE!

This is a fun group-based interactive introduction to MindRev™. This is my promise: you will never have more fun learning about things your brain can do for you that you never knew. Great for any audience and thoroughly design.   




I work with ASSOCIATIONS, small and large CORPORATE groups, teams and individuals. 

I specialize in keynotes, luncheons, after hours talks, dinners, staff development events and those times when your team needs a refocus, a bolt of energy or just a breath of fresh air.

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