Your People WANT a Powerful, Motivating Message Let me at 'em....

Your People WANT a Powerful, Motivating Message Let me at 'em....

Your People WANT a Powerful, Motivating Message Let me at 'em.... Your People WANT a Powerful, Motivating Message Let me at 'em.... Your People WANT a Powerful, Motivating Message Let me at 'em....

Bill Beausay

Author, Speaker, Creator of MindRev™ Labs


My Name is Bill Beausay


Kill your headtrash

Learn to play a different game than your competition

Rejuvenate your personal vision

Free yourself of always chasing success

Radically refocus your energy

Learn to handle critical success moments brilliantly

Create unstoppable team focus

Create sal confidence on demand

Kill fear on the spot

Weave a "Can-Do" ethos into your culture

Expand your ability to think bigger

Earn twice the money in half the time

Learn to play your success game at an efficient new level

Learn to have more fun with your life and success!


Had to cancel a meeting due to Coronavirus?

            You aren't alone. A lot of managers are facing the unprecedented challenge of connecting with, inspiring and impacting "work at home" teammates. It's a unique problem that requires a unique solution.

I've been doing online motivational and inspirational talks for some time and would love to help you. I can do a presentation to you direct, live streaming audio or video on Zoom/Skype from my private studio at a drastically reduced cost. This is a timely solution you can't ignore. 

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  • I help PROFESSIONAL SALES PEOPLE, executives, managers and leaders generate personal power to attack their lives and careers with zest and fresh energy. I do this through professional speaking, coaching, online virtual training and videos. Work with me and you will do more, make more and be more! 

  • What's my approach? Right now you are using the most complex object in the known Universe: Your brain, and you can use it more powerfully using my proprietary high performance brain training system called MindRev™. This is an innovative approach that gets you past the automatic/unconscious operations your brain undertakes that inadvertently stop you. My talks are simple: teach my audiences how to change the way they run their brains, most often instantly, to achieve their deepest goals. No more waiting, worrying, negotiating with yourself or other head trash.  All life boils down to action/no action decisions at nearly every moment you're awake. If you need to take better action now and can't, there's a process to breaking down your inner barriers and I can show you what it is. Do more, make more and be more Now!

  • I've been writing books and speaking professionally since 1992.

  • I have written 15 books with major publishers on topics of leadership, people skills, communicating with teens, millennials and other impossible people, motivation, achieving professional success and Killing Headtrash. 
  • I have over 1 million copies in circulation worldwide. 
  • I did my doctoral work at the University of Toledo.
  • I've served as the  Director of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychology. 
  • I was a full time professional psychotherapist for 10 years. 
  • I have spoken for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and continue to on a regular basis.
  • I have trained, consulted and spoken to producers (sales), managers and C-suite executives internationally. 
  • I have appeared on television, radio, written for magazines and been featured in major media coast-to-coast.  
  • I am an avid adventurer, skier, pilot and scuba diver.
  • I am the proud grandfather of 8 awesome grandkids.  
  • I live in Colorado with my wife Denise. 
  • I travel from Denver.

My books include:

    Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men

    Girls! Helping Your Little Girl Become and Extraordinary Woman

    Teenage Boys! Shaping the Man Inside

    Solving Teenagers: A Busy Parents Guide to 5 Mind Games         Teenagers Play 

    The Leadership Genius of Jesus

    The People Skills of Jesus

    Personal Power and Creating Miracles When You're Done In, Fed         Up and Stressed Out

    Dream & Go: A Guide to Inner Peace and Getting It All

    Beating Teacher Burnout

    What's Possible!

    True Greatness (with Dr Kevin Elko)

    The Sender (with Dr. Kevin Elko)

    The Sender's Journal 

    Chasing Tales-A Novel (MindRev Media)

    Less is More-A Novel (MindRev Media)

    You Can Call Me Billy (MindRev Media)

MindRev™: A New Approach to Personal High Performance (MindRev Media



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My Youtube Channel is packed with techniques, ideas, inspiration, great stories, live presentations, training and much more.  Enjoy!

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Speaking & Training Topics

*****Motivational Talks*****

*Done In, Fed Up and Stressed Out

YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR TOP PERFORMERS! This popular talk is aimed at your top 20%. They can easily become over stressed and burned out. This talk is about getting a bigger vision, focus, energy, camaraderie, rejuvenation and new thinking.  You and your people can't afford to miss this!  Contact me for a detailed outline of this talk.

*The Magic of Thinking BIGGER: Break Your Rules, Break Your Records

I was a bad stutterer when I was kid. In addition to years of speech therapy my parents took me to hear motivational speakers. I learned the magic of thinking big at the age of 13, and it changed my life.  This talk is all about breaking the rules you unconsciously follow and getting the BIG life you deserve.  There is a path and it starts with finding your limit and breaking through it on purpose....right now.  This talk is personal, passionate and fun.  

Playing a Different Game

The Picasso's and Tom Brady's of every industry are playing a different game than everyone else. They know how to think differently than everyone else. This talk will introduce your audience to a new way of thinking about personal success, and away from the ordinary bromides of achievement. It's time for everyone to breakout into fresh, exciting and profitable new behavior.  Let me show your audience where and how to conduct this breakout! Just because you believe something doesn't mean you can't believe much more!  Be one of the greats. You have it in you.

Contact me for a detailed outline of this talk.  

*Comebacks and Fresh Starts

It seems that almost everyone secretly wishes for a do over in life.  A second chance.  A comeback. This talk speaks powerfully to this basic human urge and outlines a path to jumpstart your career and your life through the stories of people that did it. You are far from finished, and in fact you are ready for a new beginning. This is the most refreshing talk you will ever hear. Let's Roll!  (This talk is for any audience)

*****Life & Business Success Training*****

       *Designed to Win: Playing the New Inner Game of Success

You are designed to Win. You have been created to learn habits fast, and make that learning easy and permanent. Your brain knows how. But you are destined to fail because nobody is always successful at anything.  This inevitable failure leads to head trash, and can be a career stopper. To get back on track you need to train your brain to play on an entirely new level of success. One it understands. This is not a mindset talk;  this is learning to run your brain using the tools of MindRev™.  Change comes through experience and I will lead your audience through a series of fun, revealing "exercises in excellence" that are both life and career changing. This is a great talk for individual producers and team building. 

Contact me for a complete outline of the talk.


My talks are budget sensitive, so contact me if you have concerns.

Endorsements on File


Dale J., Insurance Executive, Phoenix

"This is exactly what we wanted our people to hear.  There is no top end.  Believe more!"

Jill B., Meeting Planner, Chicago

"People love you Billy. You know how to get in their heads and hit them where they need it."

Diane C., Financial Advisor, Birmingham

"Oh my gosh they loved you! Your effervescence is wonderful. Will you be my coach?"

Stan S., Steel Executive, Houston

"Wow....  My guys never listen like this. We can really build on what you said.  You were fabulous."

Larry N., Real Estate Executive, Colorado

"Whoa....nobody will ever forget this.....tremendous. Thank you!""

Russ J, Financial Services, Orange County

"Funny, fun, moving, memorable.  I can't say more than that. 

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